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My Secrets for Living a Balanced Life – Neeraj Malviya Blog #2

Updated: Aug 28, 2023

It always makes me curious how our world jumps around work, money, friends, family, food, and the relationship with ourselves aka “Me Time.”

Have you ever thought how will a balanced life look like?

Or even ask yourself do I need a balanced life?

Or to start from the beginning why even need a balanced life?

Hey, I am Neeraj Malviya and I am no special, I am just like you finding ways to live a balanced life.

Earlier if you had met me, my idea of a balanced life would be something like this where I wake and sleep at a fixed time…meet selected people…divide my day with fixed hours…. spend time on each area of my life, and in the end feel happy about it for finishing all my checklist like an AI program…. something like ChatGPT

But now if you ask me what exactly a balanced life is…

I will say it depends and it differs from person to person based on their present priorities and values they hold in that frame of time.

The idea of a balanced life is much deeper to me now and what I have learned is that no matter how much you try to control your life, eventually, it will start going out of control.

So, what should we do? How can we take control? Why it is so hard and easy together?

Based on my experience and understanding, here are my secrets to a balanced life and I hope it works for you as well

1. Prioritize First

When it comes to balancing our lives, we often feel that all areas of life should go hand in hand, but in reality, it is the opposite.

You don’t have to do all the things in one day and neither you have to stick to one thing each day.

The idea is to switch between different things and live them thoroughly. The idea is to eliminate FOMO (fear of missing out) and enjoy whatever experiences life brings to you.

2. Build Clear Boundaries

I highly recommend you focus more on building boundaries than anything else.

Most of the time we know what we want but due to unclear boundaries, and unclear perspectives our minds fumble and we lose track.

Setting a clear boundary not only helps you to focus but also sets the right expectations to live a balanced life.

3. Experiment New Things

As humans, we always crave to see, eat, meet, travel, and experience a lot of new things, and to be honest this applies to the idea of living a balanced life as well.

It is essential to keep it spicy in whichever area of your life you are focusing on this very moment.

Experiment with different things, learn new ways and grow through what you go through.

4. Balance your Heart and Mind

No matter how hard you try but always your heart will always take over your mind and there is nothing wrong with that.

Biologically it is true that brains run our body, but spirituality keeps the Heart as the center of life.

This is why always listen to your heart train your mind to be in harmony and seek clarity in everything you do to live a balanced life.

5. Be Realistic and True

We all are beginners and so we all make mistakes. We goof up, and we feel guilty but at the end of the day we learn, and this is what you should be focusing on

Give yourself practical timelines to achieve, experiment, and move on to live a healthy balanced life.

6. Cheating is Okay

Sometimes balancing your life can be overwhelming. Take breaks. Recharge yourself and come back.

No one can feel what you feel and how you perceive life. It is your blessing how you are the way you are.

Be proud and smile. Look through the silver lining and become one 😊

To be honest, if you ask me how much time it took me to figure out all this. I can only return a smile...

Because it is a journey, and it won’t happen overnight.

When you do things, you will see changes. Your experiences will mold your life and make it balanced.

Your relationship with your work, your relationship with your money, your relationship with your friends, your relationship with your family, and Your relationship with yourself collectively build your life in the right direction with a purpose defined by you and only you!

But before everything else,

It is your understanding that a balanced life is not about A=B or B=A.

But instead, it is if A+B=C+D then also C+D+F=X+Y+Z is true!

I hope this blog “My Secrets for Living a Balanced Life” helped you in taking your 1st Step towards living a balanced life and I am very grateful to share my thoughts with you today.

Mercy! 😊


For the first-time readers who are new to my blog,
Hey, I am Neeraj Malviya, and I like to talk about what life offered me and how I used my mindset as my shield to live my dream as my present.
My purpose is to introduce different ways to be happy in your life through my blogs.
Connect with me on my Instagram @mr.neerajmalviya (800+ Post)
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Feb 20, 2023

Realisation and conciousness two aspects well covered. A blog that gives way to fear anxiety to kill inertia for your mind .


Ashishkumar Tiwari
Ashishkumar Tiwari
Feb 19, 2023

We can always control what is in our hand and be patient for what we can't


Ashishkumar Tiwari
Ashishkumar Tiwari
Feb 19, 2023

Very true👍👏

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