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Turn your early Midlife Crisis into a Fresh Re(start) – Neeraj Malviya Blog #4

Updated: Aug 28, 2023

If you are in your 20s and experiencing life a little overwhelmed, this blog is for you.

I know how it feels to feel like this, especially when you are in your 20s and have just stepped into the real world.

Usually, the midlife crisis happens when a person is between the age of 40 and 60 and experiences inner turmoil about their identity, life choices, and what their existence means to them and their world.

But when a person between the age of 20 to 29 experiences the same, that is when an early Midlife Crisis kicks in!

Hello all, I am Neeraj Malviya and I am no special, I am just like you, and today through my blog, I want to tell you that an early midlife crisis is completely normal.

These days it is a common feeling if you are in your 20s that gets triggered through different circumstances in your life. This is the age when our decisions are more influenced by what is happening around us instead of how we want things to be.

Usually, we don't really take time to process this feeling but in the longer run, if not handled carefully, it can start to eat you up and can create silent chaos within you.

So instead of getting consumed by this feeling, why not take it as a learning opportunity that is going to shape your life for the best?

The early midlife crisis can make you feel that you are not enough and are lagging.

It might expect you to figure out everything about your life wherein you have just started to live...

This confused feeling makes you question yourself about

Who are you?

What excites you?

What keeps you centered?

What is your purpose in life?

What do you want to accomplish next?

What is your identity in the world?

Are you doing enough to stay in the league?

Based on my experience and understanding, here are a few tips that can help you understand and overcome your early midlife crisis

1. Accept what you feel

  • If you realize life has this beautiful way of making us feel uncomfortable for the things that once we used to feel grateful for

  • But in the present somehow they stop making us feel the same way as it used to be

  • Sometimes it can be the things that you have already accomplished and now suddenly it doesn’t make you feel excited about them as it used to be

  • Sometimes it can be seeking new people in your life who can make a difference and add value to your life or maybe a sudden urge to move to a new place or maybe do something that you never did before

  • Be ready to accept what you feel

2. Write what you feel

  • This is a bit challenging but you can do this

  • Do not suppress your emotions. Let them flow.

  • This activity will help you understand so many things about yourself and at the same time declutter all the negative thoughts

  • Prioritize what keeps you happy and eliminate what confuses you

  • Give yourself enough time to process the change and accept it

  • Design your path to living each day. Set new routine

3. Take action about what you feel

  • This is the hardest part if you don’t do it but easiest and happiest once you start

  • A lot of times we end up thinking so much that in reality, we get stuck.

  • The mental gap about how to do and what to do gets dominant over why to do it. Clear your “whys”

  • Be very sure about why you are doing it. The what and how will be figured out eventually

4. Share your story with the world

  • The happiest part is this one

  • Take a moment and just take a deep breath and close your eyes.

  • Just imagine yourself on the other side of your early midlife crisis and ask yourself how do I feel? That's it?

Realize how far you have come and how great it feels to win in life.

Yesterday I was casually scrolling my Instagram and I come across one of Shahrukh Khan's videos in which he says

“When you are starting something you might feel there are many others like me who are doing the same thing and are better than me. But that doesn’t matter because it is not your thing to think about it. What you should think is what can I do each day to make sure I did my best today”

And the moment I heard this I knew in that very moment what is holding all of us back from doing what we want, comparison!

Feels amazing, isn’t it?

When you learn how to make yourself feel good even during the hard times with your reality and keep your feelings as your foundations, trust me the universe is going to offer you so many wonders you can’t even imagine

Just like your dreams, the journey itself is so dreamy and when you walk on that path, every moment is new and magical

I hope this blog on ”how to overcome early Midlife Crisis and do a fresh restart" helped you understand that you are special.

Your feelings are special. Don’t neglect them. God is talking to you the way you feel.

Believe in it. Shoot for the moon and become the star.

Dieu vous protège 😊


For the first-time readers who are new to my blog,
Hey, I am Neeraj Malviya, and I like to talk about what life offered me and how I used my mindset as my shield to live my dream as my present.
My purpose is to introduce different ways to be happy in your life through my blogs.
Connect with me on my Instagram @mr.neerajmalviya (800+ Post)

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